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"oh my god stop criticizing young girls who like 50 Shades of Gray or Twilight you can’t tell them what they can and can’t read"

no we can’t but we have to protect young girls from mistaking abusive behavior for genuine affection at all costs


i remember when i first met SHINee, and i used to think that Minho and Jonghyun were like the ”bad boys” and them….


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a cutie patootie? (๑>◡<๑)

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Jaejoong’s 10th Anniversary Stamps (x)



DBSK (of the past), unlike most K-pop affiliated groups, sing soothing music. It’s a rarity because I find that K-pop idol music settles into three firmly established groups where soothing takes little to no part in. The first is the classic dance track, the second, the tearjerking ballad, the third, the upbeat sensual number that tends to be RnB. “You’re My Melody” is a track that finds itself in none of the three aforementioned groups; it’s not a dance track, it’s not a ballad in the traditional sense, and it’s not meant to be an RnB track or something overtly sensual. “You’re My Melody” is a song that strives to calming, a song you listen to when you’re alone and need comfort, or you’re tired and need strength. It’s not a song that begs for your attention nor does it leave you uninterested. It’s soothing, and brings you happiness; sometimes with goosebumps, other times, not. It’s song that makes me happy on sad days and sad on happy days, and easily has become one of my favorite DBSK songs of all time. Above all, it’s a song worth listening to— I highly recommend you do. Hopefully it brings you as much comfort as it does me.

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loool why is YC in the middle?

cuz he’s the president



*racist white boy voice* so i don’t find black girls attractive, it’s just a preference, are you gonna get mad at me for not liking pepperoni pizza????

*racist white boy voice* so i only find black girls attractive, it’s just a preference, are you gonna get mad at me for only eating pepperoni pizza????

Jaejoong believes Yunho will show good acting in "Night Watchman."


JYJ‘s Jaejoong showed his encouragement towards former fellow TVXQ member Yunho for his upcoming drama “The Night Watchman” that will take over time-slot for his drama “Triangle“.

Upon the mention of how Yunho said it is nice to see him work hard, the JYJ member replied…

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